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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

What is financial aid?
Financial aid is a program designed to support our students who are unable to meet the full cost of tuition. Financial aid grants are based on a family’s designated financial need. Tuition Aid Data Service (TADS) has been selected to service your financial needs.

Who can apply for financial aid?
Any current student or a student applying for admission to Saint Louis School may apply for financial aid. For new admission applicants, financial aid applications will be reviewed only when an admission application has been submitted. Each family must re-apply for financial aid yearly.

When do I apply for financial aid?
For priority consideration, applicants should apply before February 28, 2017.  Applications submitted after the deadline will still be considered. New applicants are encouraged to submit the financial aid form along with their application packet as soon as possible. Applications can be completed online at the TADS website at or can be ordered by calling 1-800-884-8237 for a minimal fee.

When do I know if I qualify?
For new applicants to Saint Louis School, a letter will be sent notifying each applicant of the award amount following acceptance. For returning students, award letters will be mailed by the end of April. Letters will also be sent to those applicants who do not qualify. If parents feel the amount of the award is insufficient, they may appeal for re-evaluation in writing to the Business Office.

Please note: Admission decisions and financial aid awards are kept separate. Applying for financial aid in no way hinders an applicant’s consideration for admission to Saint Louis School. All financial aid information is strictly confidential.

Who decides on the awards and how are they distributed?
The financial aid committee, comprised of various members of the school community, reviews each financial aid application on:

  • The basis of the family’s demonstrated need relative to other applicants
  • The student’s academic performance and behavior
  • The information provided on the TADS financial aid form
  • Availability of funds.

For more information contact the Business Office at (808) 739-4717 (returning students) or Admissions Office at (808)739-4832 (new students)

TADS School Directions

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Students entering grades Kindergarten through 12th are eligible to apply for aid for the new academic school year.

Notice of Financial Aid
For priority consideration, your application for tuition assistance must be submitted to TADS by February, 28, 2017. Families submitting their financial aid application by the priority consideration deadline will recieve their award notification on March 31, 2017.

Submitting Your Application

  1. For those electing to submit your application by mail please include photocopies.  Do not send originals.
  2. For those applying online, have the following documents available to expedite the process:
  • Most recent W2 statements
  • Most recent paystub
  • Most recent federal tax form
  • Most recent corporate tax return, if applicable
  • Documentation for all other sources of income (social security, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, child support, workers compensation, etc.)

Form - Section 22: List of Tuition Charging Schools
Use the School ID's below for each dependent that plans to attend schools in the multi-school program for the 2017-2018 school year.
Use the School ID 99999 to describe each dependent that will be attending any tuition charging school other than schools listed below.
Enter the school ID, first five characters of the school name, and first five characters of the School City as listed below.

Note: Although TADS has agreed to send copies of your Financial Need Report to the following schools and institutions when requested by applicants in section 22, schools using a different financial aid reporting service may require families to complete a separate application form. These schools are indicated by* in this pdf file click here.

Form - Section 24: Special Code Information
No special codes. Please leave this section blank.

Form Section 25: Application Processing Fees

  1. Required Processing Fee: $34

If you do not enclose this entire fee with your application, TADS will not be able to process your application. Make checks payable to TADS.

  1. Corporation/Partnership/Trust Processing Fee: $19

You are required to pay this fee if you have filed any of the following forms; Form 1041, Form 1065, Form 1120-A, Form 1120, or Form 1120S.

  1. Parental Report Fee(Optional): $8

By ordering this report, you will be able to review the accuracy of the information that TADS has taken from your application form and see your application status. Your report will be sent about 5 working days after your report has been audited/reviewed.

Please Note! This report does not show the amount of assistance you may receive from your school.