Math Team Is More Than Just Numbers

Math Team advisor Lisa Heaston gives us an inside look at what makes her team tick.  The team recently garnered 2nd place in a math meet.  What made 2nd place so special?  The competition took place on a Saturday morning after a very late Homecoming game (that went to two OT’s and didn’t end until almost midnight) on Friday night.   The Crusader Math Team started out slow and had to fight their way to come back in 2nd place.  And Ms. Heaston couldn’t be prouder of the achievement.

“They did an awesome job,” said Heaston.  “We are one of 19 schools in the ‘small schools’ division. We only have seven students on our team, but they work very diligently meeting after school at least twice a week and every day on the week of the math meet.  A late practice can end into the night.”

The team members include two seniors, four juniors and a sophomore.  Team captains are 11th graders Justin Ramos and Peiyu Han.  They are looking for more students so they can be ready for future years. 

After a meet is completed, it’s back to the next practice of 200 problems, as they focus on what events they’ve chosen for the next meet.  Every student has to carve out precious time for practice, as they are all involved in other activities and community service.  Oh, yes, and there’s also their normal school work to complete.

Saturday morning math meets start at 9, but the team gathers by 7:30 a.m. to mentally prepare for the competition. 

“I’m so proud of the team,” said Heaston with a big smile.  “They are committed, dependable and responsible.  Getting teenagers to get up early on a Saturday morning to do math is not the most popular thing to do, but they come with positive attitudes and support each other.  It truly is the Brotherhood at work!”