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The Mission of Saint Louis

To educate and challenge students of various religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds that they may achieve a quality education and become gentlemen of character, reaching individual potential through the Catholic Marianist tradition of spiritual, academic, physical and emotional maturity. 

Characteristics of a Marianist Education (CMEs) and Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

To Educate for Formation in Faith:
  • Ignite a faith and commitment that touches the heart.
  • Have the teachings of the Gospel be inviting and embraced by the student.
  • Instruct students in Christian attitudes and instill an understanding of the Gospel's values.
  • Educate for a freedom of choice and a responsibility that guarantee an authentic response in faith.
  • Reaffirm the belief and commitment of Chaminade's words,
    "Christianity can be lived today as in the early day, of the church.”
  • Teach the history about the example and influence of Mary as the first disciple and as an educator in faith.
To Provide an Integral, Quality Education:
  • Promote quality education of the whole person.
  • Provide coherent curricula; a well-formed, professional administration, faculty and staff; and adequate facilities and finances.
  • Develop respect for the dignity of the person as a daughter or son of God, unique and individual.
  • Develop a self-knowledge emanating from the spirit within using Chaminade's advice when he said,
      "The essential is the interior."
  • Develop a concern for global and local issues of culture, ecology and the use of technology.
  • Foster a diverse faculty and staff as well as a diverse student body.
  • Recognize Mary as a model of integrating inner depth with the realities of the outside world.
To Educate In Family Spirit:
  • Create a favorable and beneficial environment for education.
  • Form interpersonal relationships characterized by respect, honesty and dialogue.
  • Create personal, direct and cordial relations within the educational community.
  • Form an educational community with collaborative structures and processes.
  • Express authority as a loving and dedicated service.
  • Influence others by exhibiting the Marian traits of openness, hospitality, graciousness and faith.
To Educate For Adaptation and Change:
  • “New times call for new methods,” Chaminade said. Educate to shape the future.
  • Educate people to accept and respect differences in a pluralistic society.
  • Develop critical thinking skills in the search for truth.
  • Be open and adapt to local and global contexts through cultural and interdisciplinary education.
To Educate For Service, Justice & Peace:
  • Promote a missionary spirit for God's will. As Chaminade said,
    “We are all missionaries."
  •  Educate for justice and peace, solidarity and nonviolence.
  • Attend to the poor and those needing assistance.
  • Promote the dignity and rights of women.
  • Promote programs of service, encouraging the formation of Christian service groups.