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Saint Louis students are encouraged to become brothers, part of a greater family, which includes the entire staff of the school. This greater family is a component of a worldwide family of Christian people.

This Catholic Christian tradition lies at the very heart of the school and through the dedication of the Marianists. These devout men and women have dedicated their lives to God, vowing to follow the example of Christ, including his devotion to celibacy, poverty and spiritual growth. The Marianists recognize the strong influence of Mary as the mother of Christ and share in her compassion for all people. 

The Marianist activities extend far beyond the individual dedication to their religion. The Saint Louis family is just one of the special communities through which they achieve their goals by expanding their teachings to a wider horizon. 

The Blessed William Joseph Chaminade laid the foundations of the Marianists during the turbulent time of the French Revolution. Within his lifetime the Marianists extended their work from France to several European countries and to the United States in 1849.  Now there are 16 provinces of the Society in all parts of the world. The Marianists in Hawaii belong to the Province of the United States with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The General Administration of the Society of Mary is located in Rome.

The Marianists are committed to the development and growth of Christian influence, helping people to an understanding of apostolic faith in relationship to the needs and customs of the times. They impart a positive attitude in conveying their beliefs with a purpose of establishing a sense of peace and justice for all people. Their influence on the entire community of Saint Louis is a positive one that leads to harmony, enrichment and spiritual growth.