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High School

High School

Grade 9
•  Adjusting to high school
•  Learning styles and personality types
•  Test taking skills and time management
•  Saint Louis School graduation  

•  College Board/Redistep assessment
•  Character education
•  Four year planning
•  College entrance requirements
•  College/career characteristics research

Grade 10
•  Update four-year plan sequence
•  PSAT/NMSQT preparatory exercises
•  Drug awareness
•  Career search with Naviance
•  Enhance interpersonal skills
•  Stress management
•  Goal Setting and Wise decision-making

Grade 11
•  Complete high school credit checks
•  Update four-year plan sequence
•  PSAT/NMSQT preparatory exercises
•  Junior Parent Night
•  College search and interview with college counselor
•  SAT workshops

Grade 12
•  Personal responsibility for proper courses and credits to graduate
•  Application process, Scholarships and Financial Aid for Colleges and Universities
•  SAT workshops continued
•  College talks
•  Progress reports and follow up
•  Formulate Resume for college recommendation letters
•  Career workshops