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The Crusaders have a proud tradition and storied history in its athletic program. We encourage and expect all our student-athletes to embrace the school's emphasis on striving for excellence and exhibiting good sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play. We are committed to educating the whole person and providing life lessons outside of the classroom.

Athletics is an important aspect to education that Saint Louis School utilizes to help young men develop into responsible adults. As a school in the Marianist tradition, we build on and use insights of Father William Joseph Chaminade to foster an atmosphere that challenges the young man to move beyond what he might perceive as obstacles to realizing his full potential.

Winning is one of the objectives of a successful program.  However, it is not the only gauge of success. The desire to win and the commitment to the preparation to reach that goal are powerful tools to teach and instill important values in the development of young people. Our young men are held to the Characteristics of Marianist Education that are used as a guide to navigate their journey at Saint Louis School in developing the complete Christian student-athlete.

The philosophy of the Athletic Department at Saint Louis School considers athletics an integral part of the school's educational program and seeks to provide a positive athletic experience. It is our hope that it fosters the physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth of our students. We believe that in promoting sportsmanship, the athletic program helps to build pride and reinforces a sound value structure for our students.