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Theatre Personnel

Dr. Richard T. Mamiya Theatre's Personnel

The Dr. Richard T. Mamiya Theatre has all the equipment needed to have a very successful show. But, nothing can ensure the success of a show better than a well trained staff.

The operation and maintenance of the equipment within the theatre is a very demanding job, which requires a high level of skill to produce professional results. Mamiya Theatre has a family of professional technicians, crew members and managers who are able to provide these services. Site management is a mandatory position for all events. In addition, a lighting technician, sound technician and stage manager are required for all theatrical productions and will be supplied by KaiHonua Entertainment, our in-house technical support company led by Kainoa Jarrett.

Site Manager* ($67.50 per hour)
Required to be present at all time during the clients scheduled use of the theatre. This staff member is responsible for the safety of the occupants within and around the theatre, the general premises and equipment. The Site Manager has access to all areas and can enforce any rules stated by the Theatre Manager.

Lighting Technician** ($45 per hour)
Light board operator during rehearsals and show times. Qualified to operate ETC Express board and various lighting implements. General knowledge of theatrical lighting.

Sound Technician** ($45 per hour)
Mixing board operator during rehearsals and performances. General knowledge of live digital and analog sound mixing and reinforcement.

Stage Manager** ($45 per hour)        
Coordinates cues and monitors activities backstage between the talent and technicians. For moderate to complex projects a Stage Manager is required.

Stage Hand or Spotlight Operator** ($25-$35 per hour)
An extension of the Stage Manager, the Stage Hand will setup, operate and strike all necessary props or equipment used during a performance. Spotlight operator handles the spotlights while in communication with the lighting technician.

All positions are hired on a 4-hour minimum call.

*   This position is provided by Saint Louis School but is an additional cost to the rental contract.
** These positions are provided by KaiHonua Entertainment, our in-house technical support company. Call Kainoa Jarrett at 808-330-8039 for more information.

Because of the sensitivity of the equipment and various safety issues, all technical personnel must be supplied and insured by KaiHonua Entertainment. On rare occassions, KaiHonua Entertainment owner,Kainoa Jarrett, will approve the use of outside personnel.

Payment for rental and technical costs must be made in advance or the day of the production or event.  Mamiya Theatre is a non-union venue.

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