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Business Courses

Entrepreneurship Grades 11-12 (semester)
This course exposes students to creating new and innovative business ideas and models based on real-world simulations and situations. The course covers creating business plans, advertising, finances, legal issues, selling, and market research that are applied towards a complete business plan. Case studies, guest speakers, and simulations help to enrich a student’s experience in the course.
Business Communication Skills Grades 11-12 (semester)
This course is designed to enhance technical and communication skills. Students will develop writing skills through exercises tailored for business but also useful in the classroom. They will learn how to maximize use of computer programs (MS Office, Mac, Google Docs, etc) to create resumes, presentations, reports, and other business tools. Ethical group work principles and effective time management will also be covered.
Personal Finance Grades 11-12 (semester)
This course is designed to help students understand how their individual choices affect their financial future. Topics covered will include income, money management, spending and credit, as well as saving and investing. Students will gain a foundation for making informed personal financial decisions, and will be better prepared for life on their own after high school.
Economics Grades 11-12 (semester)
This course introduces students to the principles of economics. Students study the basic problem of resource scarcity and how each society deals with it. Topics include supply and demand, production factors, marketing, labor, role of government, money and banking, a study of Hawaii’s economy and its role in global economics. 
Marketing/Advertising Grades 11-12 (semester)
Students will study the basic concepts of marketing (product, place, price, promotion) products and services in a global market place. Topics will also include branding, market research, and ethics in advertising. Practicing techniques and methods of advertising in real business situations will help students gain a comprehensive understanding of 21st century marketing efforts.
Financial Literacy Grades 11-12 (year)
This full-year course combines together topics in economics and personal finance to satisfy the full Business elective required for graduation. The course allows for greater depth on economic topics, and an increased application of business & financial skills by participating in the Student-Operated Credit Union project. Through hands-on training, personal finance simulations, and mentorships, students will gain practical experience to help prepare for the future – both financially & professionally.