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Community Service



The Importance of Community Service Learning Within a Marianist Education


Our faith calls us to live out the gospel message, which means being present to others and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. In a Marianist Catholic school, the curriculum and service opportunities help students  understand the roots of injustice, which enables students to undertake thoughtful forms of action that truly respond to current social and moral concerns. Program activities reinforce the characteristics of a Marianist education, active citizenship, and a dedication to gospel values.


All Community Service hours must be completed outside of the home, which includes service done in church, community, or any nonprofit organization.  Middle School students may complete hours at Saint Louis School.  


The Saint Louis student HEEDS to call to assist others.  HEEDS hours are required for all high school students and are direct service performed for the Homeless, Elderly, Environment, Disadvantaged or Sick. Environmental projects that restore the land will be acceptable as HEEDS hours.


Service is verified by completing a community service evaluation form.  Failure to complete Community Service requirements will affect promotion to the next grade level or graduation.


Community Service Requirements


Sixth-grade -- at least 5 hours of service

Seventh-grade --  at least 10 hours of service

Eighth-grade --  at least 15 hours of service

Ninth-grade --  20 hours of service, minimum of 5 HEEDS hours

Tenth-grade --  20 hours of service, minimum of 10 HEEDS hours

Eleventh-grade – 20 hours of service, minimum of 15 HEEDS hours

Twelfth-grade – 20 hours of service, 20 HEEDS hours