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ESL Program

Acquiring essential communication skills in another culture sets the foundation for strengthening proficiency in formal, academic language. Saint Louis School offers a two-tiered English as a Second Language (ESL) Program to provide the skills and knowledge that develop responsible, global citizens.


Here’s a summary of our ESL Program:


Tier 1 Students entering grades 6 through 8


Students begin with basic interpersonal communication skills and progress towards cognitive academic language proficiency, with the objective of exiting ESL by the end of grade 8. Each subsequent school year, the student enrolls in fewer ESL classes should while adding non-ESL classes to his schedule. Tier 1 is designed to place students who enter Saint Louis School in 6th grade into a schedule of non-ESL classes by their 9th grade year.


Tier 2 Students entering grades 9 through 12


Applicants should possess a minimum level of English proficiency in order to manage academic expectation at the high school level. Students with limited proficiency or higher will receive support in the ESL classroom based on individual need. The ESL curriculum for Tier 2 focuses on reading and writing skills, English grammar and conventions, and oral proficiency (including class participation and presentations). The goal of Tier 2 is cognitive academic language proficiency based on US classroom standards.

ESL Admission Requirements


Prior to enrollment into the Saint Louis School ESL program, each applicant must provide the following:


 Completed Saint Louis School Admissions Application form

 Two letters of recommendation from the school where the

   applicant is currently enrolled: one from an administrator, and

   one from a teacher of English (or other language arts course)

 For non-US citizens: valid passport and student visa


Additional requirement for entry into grades 6—8:

 Most recent academic progress report

 Most recent TOEFL score (for placement purposes only)


Additional requirements for entry into grades 9—12:

 Transcripts for terms completed in grades 9 through 12

   as applicable

 Writing sample: one essay of a minimum of 250 words

 Skype interview or telephone conference for oral fluency

 Minimum composite score of 53 on the TOEFL:











Speaking (scaled score)



Writing (scaled score)



Interested students are welcomed to visit our campus and spend a day in classes at Saint Louis School, in the company of one of our students. To schedule a visit, please contact:
Mr. Russell Valente class of '79
Director of Admissions
Ph. 808-739-4833