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ESL Reading (year)
This course is designed to develop the student’s proficiency with decoding, vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading strategies, and literary analysis. Students will become familiar with the academic language of literature analysis, be exposed to different literary genres, and analyze different texts through various assignments and projects.
ESL Resource (year)
This course is designed to familiarize students with skills required for academic success. The course integrates grammar instruction, vocabulary building, study skills, and all four areas of English language proficiency (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The course is also designed to provide support to students in other content areas as needed.
ESL Seminar (year)
This is an integrated skills course designed to assist students in all proficiency areas of English. Through a variety of expressive activities, research projects, written assignments, and oral presentations, students will have a wide range of learning opportunities to expand oral English language skills, literacy, and writing. American and Hawaii cultures are emphasized throughout the course.
ESL Writing (year)
This course is designed to strengthen basic written communication skills in English and to introduce students to the concepts of English academic writing. The course aims to develop the student’s proficiency in writing conventions and structure, as well as focus on improving the necessary skills for clear and accurate writing.