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Saint Louis School employs two certified and registered athletic trainers (Tom Wahl & Shane Um) that are responsible for providing/facilitating medical care to student-athletes and managing their return-to-play. Athletic Trainers prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries as well as educate athletes and coordinate all athletic medical care. The goal of SLS athletic trainers is to ensure that student-athletes are able to achieve their goals on the athletic field safely and optimally


Athletic Trainers are on campus during all SLS sports activities. Athletic Trainers travel to as many away games as permitted. In the event SLS athletic trainers cannot attend away competitions the home team’s athletic trainer will provide medical care as needed.




Previous medical conditions - If your son has a known medical condition, not documented on their physical, please inform the athletic trainers prior to participation in competition and specific directions or medications (Inhalers, etc…) associated with their condition.  All student-athletes MUST have a current (within one calendar year) physical on file. 


Injuries - Please report all injuries and provide documentation on injuries not seen by the athletic training staff so that we can provide the best informed care for your son.



Concussions – In the event that your son sustains a concussion, before returning to any SLS activity they must be seen by a physician and complete the 7 step return-to-play plan and cleared by the SLS athletic training staff.


Contact an SLS Athletic Trainer:

Phone # 808-630-1526

Fax # 808-739-4823